Bob Firth
Awarding winning National Geographic Photographer

“Vegas Quality in Chanhassen, MN. Fred Montana is a diamond in the rough, He is a gem of an entertainer and his singing is amazing at the very least. If you have a chance to see him don’t miss it”

Rahjta Ren
Gold Record Artist at Columbia Records

When we think “feel the Love” Fred Montana doesn’t kid around!!! Fred’s performances are a delight because he exudes sheer joy and it is contagious. Couple this with a repertoire spanning Sinatra to Manilow, Nashville to Motown, Fred gives his all directly to you. Whether it is one’s enjoyment of listening, singing along or dancing, Fred’s spirit is nothing short of uplifting. 

The world can use more of what Fred Montana is giving – Heartfelt songs and performance that just plain feels good!”  

Mark Nelson
Conductor, Musician and award-winning composer

Fred, you were amazing Sat night. It was great seeing and working with you. You did an excellent job, and it is only going to grow in time and become the show to see. What has been most enjoyable is to watch is your finesse and growth over the past two years.  You are the ultimate showman and connect with the audience in a way that makes people feel like they are the only one you are singing too.  You touch the heart with your songs, and it shows how you really care about what you are singing and how it relates to the people in the audience.

Bob McMenoman
Owner of Night Club “School II Restaurant/ Cabaret”

“Fred Montana is one of the true hidden talents of the Twin Cities, if not the country.  Fred connects with the audience like no other, knowing everyone by name and connecting with each individual in the audience multiple times during the course of the evening.  Fred makes you feel like you are a part of the show, touching on your emotions through his interaction and song. Every time I have seen Fred sing it feels like a new performance with Fred adding fresh songs to performance.  No two shows are alike.  Fred Montana is a show you do not want to miss.”

Brian Boeddeker
Owner of the BC Corral Bar and Supper Club

Nobody does it like Fred Montana…He fills my supper club every time he is here, and that’s once a month, with standing room only crowds…. His smooth voice and outstanding range make every song a showstopper. He has an outstanding command of the classics, Sinatra, Martin & Tony Bennett but also has the uncanny ability to sing any 50’s, 60’s and 70’s tune. His charisma and entertaining ability is top shelf. Don’t miss him if you have a chance.

Jerry Hanson
Music Aficionado

Great show again last night Fred Montana! Standing room only….

Donna Ruekert
Regional Director at HelmsBriscoe Entertainment

“I first heard Fred perform at a fundraiser last winter and since then have had the honor of hearing him sing on many other occasions…. including at my birthday party! He sings the BEST songs that span generations. I regularly take my 90-year-old mother to hear him at the School II Bistro in Chanhassen. However, my friends as well as my 20-year-old daughter enjoy going too. He has a loyal following because he is not only vocally talented, but he is genuine and fun and honestly knows the name of every person who comes to see him…if not when they walk in the door…. for sure, when they walk out! He’s the BEST!” Fred…You honestly bring out the best in our mom!  We make it an absolute priority to get her to see you!  Thank YOU for the gift of your music and your friendship! We were all so lucky to meet.You can count on seeing us each and every Wednesday!

Debra Antone
Owner of Club Scusi

I want to take a moment to tell you how much I appreciate your talent and generous spirit! I find myself singing along with every beautiful song you sing. Your music brings back such wonderful memories. Your personality, voice, and energy fill the room, whether it is School II, Bayview Center, or at my club in Excelsior. Our American Heart Association event ran 3 hours longer as people continued dancing to your music. Everywhere you go, happiness and joy follow. Thank you for sharing your talents. I look forward to seeing you soon!

Jill Krantz
Minneapolis Music and Food Critic

“Fred Montana is a song-stylist that is rare to find in today’s world of music.  His voice reflects his love of music and the great singers and songwriters of the distant and recent past.  Fred has a great presence on stage, interacting with and engaging the crowd, inviting them into his songs and lyrics.  The standards shine through his rich voice and tell the stories and invoke the memories that so many of us cherish.  Whether an intimate cafe or a large banquet hall, Fred Montana will thrill the audience and add terrific entertainment to listeners of all ages.”

Rick Liebo
Director Food and Alcohol School II Restaurant & Cabaret

“Being a bartender at a small music venue I can tell you Tuesday nights are not usually a time you would expect to find a bustling bar full of people looking for live music. Fred Montana is a tribute to that if you have the charisma and talent any day of the week is perfect. Since he started performing at The School of the Wise II here in Chanhassen we have seen an outpour of returning customers coming back each and every Tuesday to listen to Fred and his music. Fred not only has a talent for singing and entertaining but also brings the audience one step closer to his work, making sure he knows everyone by the time he wraps up his set.”

Barbara Arnold
Music and Food Critic

Tuesday nights at School II in Chanhassen is my “to go” place to be.  The reason is to hear Fred Montana sing.  And boy, can he sing.  His show is the best in town.  Singing everything from Sinatra to Michael Jackson.  He is so engaging with his audience, and he makes everyone feel as if they are part of his show.  It is a blast to be there, as we all have so much fun.  He has an outstanding voice; a joy to listen to.   One always wants to sing along with him.  He is the best!

Janelle Wegner
Avid Fan

Fred Montana has become a wonderful part of my family’s memories for big celebrations like birthdays, anniversaries, Arbor Day (ok, I lied about Arbor Day).  His music spans the years and everyone at the event enthusiastically sings along and the men in my family have even been seen dancing (a feat in itself!)  He makes everyone in the room feel special and our guests always leave the party smiling and humming a Sinatra or Diamond tune. His charisma and charm are a highlight of the events we have celebrated, and my sisters and I are always thinking of what event we can celebrate to bring Fred back to us. Fred has a gift to entertain, and we love him for it.

Mark Hugo
Professional Musician and Composer

I’ve heard Fred ONCE at an event, where he was doing his “Old Blue Eyes” bit. I know the music of Old Blue Eyes. I have sung in church and as professional in choruses for 30 years. FRED WAS OLD BLUE EYES! The voice, the musicality, everything. You can’t actually do that unless you’ve spent HUNDREDS of hours taking the original recordings and making them your own, again and again. He is Fred Montana’s “Old Blue Eyes reincarnated”. Frank would be proud to have him sing his music.

Sandy Collins

I have enjoyed listening and dancing to the music of Fred Montana at the School II Bistro and Wine Bar in Chanhassen, MN.  A recent special show was on Valentine’s Day, where Fred entertained a full, standing room only, house crowd.  It was an uplifting performance and fun filled evening!!

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